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If you think of publishing as a three-act play, the first act introduces the manuscript and prepares it for printing, the second act witnesses the transformation of one book into many, and the third act (post-press) aids and abets the disbursement of these books throughout the country and around the world.

Each act is important, each depends upon the success of the others, and choreographing the process requires precision and professionalism. We're happy to share our experience, our collective wisdom, if you will, with you. We see publishing as a cooperative, joyful endeavor. After all, War and Peace doesn't compete with Macbeth and a book on automotive repair doesn't compete with a cookbook.

Let's start by looking at the raw manuscript, fresh from the oven of your mind. You may not be able to see it very clearly, but our editors will bring fresh eyes and penetrating objectivity to your project.

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