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Media List
Our clients' books have been featured and reviewed in major media, including:

60 Minutes
African American Literary Review
Baltimore Sun
Baton Rouge Advocate
Bloomsbury Review
Contra Costa Times
Feminist Bookstore News
Hawaii Review
Kirkus Reviews
Lafayette Advertiser
Lake Charles American Press
Library Journal
Los Angeles Times Book Review
Midwest Book Review
The Morning Show
NAPRA Journal

National Teachers Magazine
New Age Retailer
New York Times Book Review
The Perry & Price Show
Psychic Reader
Publishers Weekly
Review of Contemporary Fiction
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Review of Books
San Jose Mercury
Santa Cruz Sentinel
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Small Press Book Review
Southwest Daily News
Studies in Short Fiction
Surfer Magazine
Talk of the Islands
Vera's Money Talk
The Voice and the Vision
World Literature Today
& more each day

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