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 Forms Filing

Your project coordinator will make sure that the appropriate forms have been filed. We can fill out and file publishing forms for you or teach you how to do them yourself.

Publishing Forms Filing and
Applications Assistance Available
Cypress House:

Forms for New Publishers

ISBN prefix and log: $345.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: $75.

Bookland EAN barcode: $40.

Advance Book Information form: $75. By filing this form your book will be listed in Books in Print.

File application for copyright: $120.

Optional but Recommended Forms

CIP (Cataloging in Publication form): $100.

Listing in Wilson Cumulative Book Index: $50.

SAN (Standard Address Number): $180.

Baker & Taylor Vendor Registration Fee and Application: $445.

Prices subject to change without notice.

"We appreciate your conscientiousness to deliver a compelling and culturally sensitive tool to better market ourselves as a child welfare training resource. It has been a delight to work with you."

- Glendora Patterson, Executive Director, Black Adoption Placement and Research Center

"The two pieces you critiqued were excellent. I had no idea how a few words and their arrangement could totally change the impact."

- Bob Kirkpatrick, Willits, Calif.

"We absolutely cannot believe how clean and error-free the copy is. Sensational work!"

- Phil Morrison, Shoestring Press

Editorial Services

Typesetting & Book Design

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