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Editing, Rewriting & Ghostwriting

From a light copyedit to a major rewrite, from independent research to a complete ghostwrite, we'll lend shape and direction to your book or just polish the rough spots. There's no charge for a sample edit because, unlike other editing agencies, we want you to see what you're going to get before you commit to paying for it. Indexing and translation services are also available.

"We appreciate your conscientiousness to deliver a compelling and culturally sensitive tool to better market ourselves as a child welfare training resource. It has been a delight to work with you."

- Glendora Patterson, Executive Director, Black Adoption Placement and Research Center

"I am delighted with the edited version of my book. Thank you for your good work. I am very pleased."

- Gwynne Hill, Winding Pathways

"I have just received your letter of June 15. I hasten to respond immediately [to] tell you how much I appreciate your thorough analysis and critique of 'Martha Smith.' Your argument is sound. Your suggestions are on the button. I shall proceed with a rewrite immediately and send it along to you."

- Al Fortino, Alma, MI

"We really were impressed with the copy and are very impressed with the workmanship and the conscientiousness that is shown in the work."

- Jim and Lorrie Lewis, editors, In Our Weakness

Typesetting & Book Design

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