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Typesetting & Book Design

After checking your work for spelling, punctuation, and stylistic errors we'll send you several sets of sample pages, employing different design elements for you to choose from, or we'll match the design of a book whose format you find attractive.

Next we'll send you a complete formatted proof (galleys) for you to proofread and mark up, or you can have us do the proofreading in-house.

We'll also send you a proof or "dummy" of the page makeup after your book has been typeset.

Finally, we'll inspect the blueline before your book is printed.

If your manuscript is on disk, you can save on typesetting costs. Please fill out our ballpark estimate form and we'll provide accurate and detailed pricing information.

Preparing pages with illustrations, headers, folios, charts, and tables in place is only half the job of getting a book ready for printing. We'll also make sure pages are balanced and attractive, with a minimum of orphans, widows and hyphenations. If blank pages are required to pad a signature, we may suggest adding an order form in the back of the book or an advance praise page in front.

"You did the production, but I am getting all the praise for your technical and artistic expertise. Thanks to all of you for a wonderful experience."

- Luciel Harriman, Fairfax, Calif.

"Thank you! My book looks sensational!"

- Khafra Om-Ra-Zeti, KMT Publications

"We absolutely cannot believe how clean and error-free the copy is. Sensational work!"

- Phil Morrison, Shoestring Press

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