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Big Six Media List

We send advance copies to these important reviewers:

Publication: Booklist
Contact Name: Ilene Cooper, Children's; Sally Estes, Young Adult; Bonnie Smothers, Adult books; Irene Wood, Non-print (audiovisual).
American Library Association
50 East Huron Street
Chicago IL 60611-2795
Phone: 312-944-6780
Fax: 312-337-6787

Notes: Send two bound galleys at least fifteen weeks prior to publication date. Specify ISBN, price, publication date (month & year), publisher, distributor(s).
Follow-up inquiries may be phoned to Mr. Chris Anderson: 800/545-2433, ext. 5723.

Publication: Choice
Contact Name: Business/Economics/Political Science to Francine Graf, Managing Editor; Humanities/Performing Arts to Rebecca Bartlett; History/Sociology/Social Sciences to Helen MacLam; and Reference to Robert Balay.
100 Riverview Center
Middletown CT 06457
Phone: 203-347-6933
Fax: 203-346-3586

Notes:Choice reviews finished books only. Does not review law, medicine, memoirs or humor. They focus on titles relevant to academic libraries: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, literary criticism. Francine Graf, Business/Economics/Political Science; Becky Bartlett, Performing Arts; Helen MacLam, History/Sociology. only.

Publication: Library Journal
Heather McCormack, Book Review Assistant
249 West 17th Street
New York NY 10011

Notes: Very few reviews of paperbacks, no textbooks, or children's. No highly technical or specialized books intended for professional audiences. Send bound galleys; if reviewed, send a finished confirming copy. Follow-up inquiries may be E-mailed to hmccormack@cahners.com

Publication: Publishers Weekly
Contact Name: Nonfiction to Nonfiction Forecasts; Fiction to Sybil Steinberg; and Religion to Henry Carrigan.
249 W. 17th St.
New York NY 10011
Phone: 212-463-6722
Fax: 212-463-6631

Notes: Send a galley at least three months prior to publication date, specifying author, editor, agent, ISBN, price, publication date, page count, and distributor(s). Follow-up inquiries may be E-mailed to pwreviewstatus@cahners.com, specifying title, author, publisher, month of publication, and category (Fiction, Nonfiction, Mystery, Poetry, Lifestyles, SF/Fantasy, Mass Market).

Publication:Kirkus Reviews
Contact Name: Adult Fiction to Anne Larsen, Executive Editor; Nonfiction to Sarah Gold; and Children's and Young Adult titles to Kimberly Olson Fakih
770 Broadway
New York NY 10003
Phone: 646-654-4684

Notes: Send two galleys at least three months prior to publication date. Kirkus reviews hardcover or trade paperback fiction, but no self-published, mass market, or textbooks, and few self-help titles. Specify author (include bio), editor, agent, ISBN, price, publication date, page count, and distributor(s). Anne Larsen, adult fiction, Sarah Gold, nonfiction, Kimberley Olson Fakih, children's/young adult. Mail follow-up inquiries, enclosing SASE for reply.

Publication:ForeWord Magazine
Contact Name: Alex Moore, Review Editor
129 East Front Street
Traverse City, MI 49684
Phone: 231/933-3699

Notes: Notes: Send a bound galley at least fifteen weeks in advance of publication date, specify author (with bio), editor, agent, ISBN, price, publication date, page count, distributor(s). Follow-up inquiries may be faxed, or E-mailed to reviews@traverse.com.

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