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Whether you produce and market a dozen books a year, or just one or two, you're deluged with details. Publishing high-quality books demands careful attention. You must oversee editing, proofreading, page and cover design, illustration, typesetting, printing, marketing, promotion, and distribution.

Finding the right people to attend to these tasks on schedule and on budget can be as difficult as attempting to do them all yourself. When there are tight deadlines to meet, quality control often turns into damage control.

Cypress House offers a cost-effective solution to the rigors of book publishing. We understand the demands of the book trade and can meet your most exacting standards.

If you think publishing is complex, expensive, or unprofitable, consider the following case studies, each representing a slightly different approach to independent publishing. Which approach best suits your interests and goals?

"Over the months you have remained firm to your commitment to make our book the best it could be. In short, you have done what your brochure said you would do--give the client the best possible product at the most reasonable price."

- Grey Humblestone, Tomorrow Press

Case Studies

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