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Here's what our clients have to say about us:
"The evolutionary process, from original manuscript to finished book can be
a harrowing experience for both the experienced, as well as the first time
author. Not so in this case. The staff at Cypress House made the experience
problem free, educational and rewarding. The end result was a book that I'm
proud to have on the book store shelf and in the hands of the reading
public. Without question, my next book will be published by Cypress House."

- Carl S. Adams, Author; Remember the Alamo: A Sentry Dog Handler's View of Vietnam from the Perimeter of Phan Rang Air Base

"Over the months you have remained firm to your commitment to make our book the best it could be. In short, you have done what your brochure said you would do--give the client the best possible product at the most reasonable price."

- Grey Humblestone, Tomorrow Press

"Wingwomen of Hera arrived today, and we are thrilled with it. The bluelines for Borderlands also came. They look real good. Thank you for all your efforts, as they say, above and beyond the call of duty. The results were wonderful. I also think it was quite phenomenal that you were able to hold to our schedule."

- Debra DeBondt, Spinsters/Aunt Lute

"Thank you for the excellent work."

- Bernard Kamoroff, Bell Springs Press

"We are delighted with the cover, jacket copy, etc. Thanks again for all your guidance. It has helped give the novel tremendous visual appeal."

- Bruce Craddock, Craddock Publishing

"Thanks for the great job you did."

- Marlene Imel, Galway, New York

"It is true what they say about this business: it's impersonal, obsessed with money, etc., but there are a few people left like yourself who really care about literature. Anyway, Wm. Morris sold Dark Ride to St Martin's. It will be released both in paper and hardback, so I guess they like it. You said I was going to make it, but I had stopped believing and was running on fumes. Thank you for all your encouragement and good advice. I'll never forget it."

- Kent Harrington, San Rafael, Calif.

"I am very pleased with the end result of my labors--or should I say our labors. It looks so professional and I've had quite good feedback on the appearance of the book."

- Susan L. Aglietti, Vintage '45

"I received the analysis. It was superb. I can not think of a better way I could have invested my money. You not only pointed out the weak parts of my manuscript in a nice, authoritative way, you also gave me ideas and solutions to improve my writing. Your analysis is truly complete. Your competitive advantage is that you inspire people; you do not let them down. Thank you a million times!"

- Danilo Lopez, Miami, Fla.

"Thank you! My book looks sensational!"

- Khafra Om-Ra-Zeti, KMT Publications

"We appreciate your willingness to answer our questions. Your answers have been encouraging and enlightening. Other companies have been less than forthcoming with insights and information."

- Scott Bourne, Boise, Idaho

"Thanks for the terrific job!"

- Curt R. Wetzel, Lindsay Press

"I am getting so many wonderful comments on the quality of my book. Sales have been steady, and I am amazed how popular it is here in Alaska, possibly more so than in Minnesota, but when I was home this summer it was the #1 best-seller there."

- Dorothy Carlson, Anchorage, Alaska

"It is a joy to work with each of you. I appreciate your integrity, the quality of your work, your creativity and consistent sense of humor. Endless thanks."

- Gayle Heiss, author, Living Well With Chronic Illness

"We really were impressed with the copy and are very impressed with the workmanship and the conscientiousness that is shown in the work."

- Jim and Lorrie Lewis, editors, In Our Weakness

"We absolutely cannot believe how clean and error-free the copy is. Sensational work!"

- Phil Morrison, Shoestring Press

"I am delighted with the edited version of my book. Thank you for your good work. I am very pleased."

- Gwynne Hill, Winding Pathways

"I have enjoyed working with you and will be happy to recommend your organization."

- Edgar E. Cayce, ARE Press

"My sincere thanks for the great job you did. The final product has surpassed my expectations and any time your company needs a recommendation or reference, please do not hesitate to give my name. The professionalism and competence exhibited by all your staff were most impressive, and I know I made the right decision in selecting you to publish Of People and Politics."

- Aileen Allison, Ontario, Canada

"You did the production, but I am getting all the praise for your technical and artistic expertise. Thanks to all of you for a wonderful experience."

- Luciel Harriman, Fairfax, Calif.

"I will always remember the courtesy and support that youíve shown me. In a time when honesty and honor are in very short supply, your integrity and exemplary conduct is more than welcome."

- Steven Ford, Las Vegas, Nev.

"Your marketing and promotion thoughts are good, hard ones, and deserving of my thought and your advice. I am delighted to have such a comprehensive critique of my book and look forward to talking about it, then making decisions about its production."

- Robert F. Cooper, author, Serenade to the Blue Lady

"It's been a pleasure to do business with you, and may this be the beginning of a long and mutually profitable association."

- Saul Kraft, Milford, Mass.

"We appreciate your conscientiousness to deliver a compelling and culturally sensitive tool to better market ourselves as a child welfare training resource. It has been a delight to work with you."

- Glendora Patterson, Executive Director, Black Adoption Placement and Research Center

"The two pieces you critiqued were excellent. I had no idea how a few words and their arrangement could totally change the impact."

- Bob Kirkpatrick, Willits, Calif.

"Thank you for the loving care that you gave to this project. You made a difference."

- Adele Davidson, ed., Collected Works of Lydia Sicher

"My evaluated manuscript arrived yesterday afternoon, and I want to thank you for your words of advice. All along I have thought there was something wrong, and somehow couldn't get the ducks to line up, but you have clarified my thinking to the extent that I now feel I can sort and cut and present a manuscript worthy of publication. It will take time and patience, but I trust my inner lights to provide the right mix."

- Tro Harper, Santa Rosa, CA

"I have just received your letter and I hasten to respond immediately [to] tell you how much I appreciate your thorough analysis and critique of 'Martha Smith.' Your argument is sound. Your suggestions are on the button. I shall proceed with a rewrite immediately and send it along to you."

- Al Fortino, Alma, MI

"Let me say that without a doubt your kind personality and your professional touch in the many details needed in the production of such a book as Sepharad were without a doubt the single most important elements in the final success. I am grateful and totally pleased. In the business at large of subsidy publishing, trust and confidence between author and publisher have to be two of the most important ingredients for a successful enterprise. There are too many horror stories blemishing the relationship. I say without reservations that I have found in you that kind professionalism, dignity, and forthrightness. I thank you once again."

- S.Eskinazi, Tucson, AZ

"We received the mock-up copy of the book today, and we were truly overwhelmed. We opened the package, and began to cry. You guys are amazing!!! If the [final] copies are going to look even better than the mock-up, I can't wait to see them. The mock-up is fantastic. Thank you all again for your hard work, and very speedy work."

- Brad, Kari & Kristin Lewis, Slaton, TX
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