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Meet Our Associates
We work with talented and experienced editors, artists and designers locally and internationally. Some of our most trusted colleagues are:
Lin Varnum is our computer consultant. In addition to writing our programs, he recommends and maintains our state-of-the-art equipment.
Chuck Hathaway is an award-winning artist with Mendocino Graphics in Fort Bragg. His design skills range from cartooning to complex computer graphics.

E-Mail Chuck Hathaway

Theresa Whitehill creates premium graphic design at Colored Horse Studios in Elk, California.

E-Mail Theresa Whitehill


Sal Glynn edits and abridges books on tape. He has worked for many years in trade publishing and conducts annual workshops on book publishing in San Francisco

Luke Breit is a political consultant, direct mail specialist, and poet.

Our Staff

"It is a joy to work with each of you. I appreciate your integrity, the quality of your work, your creativity and consistent sense of humor. Endless thanks."

- Gayle Heiss, author, Living Well With Chronic Illness

"My sincere thanks for the great job you did. The final product has surpassed my expectations and any time your company needs a recommendation or reference, please do not hesitate to give my name. The professionalism and competence exhibited by all your staff were most impressive, and I know I made the right decision in selecting you to publish Of People and Politics."

- Aileen Allison, Ontario, Canada

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